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ROUND & WOUND is an audio tape transfer service;

from your old tapes we provide quality digital files at reasonable prices.

Our collection of tape machines is full of diverse and unusual formats,

and we are adding new machines every month.

2 track 4 track 8 track 12 track 16 track 24 track 1/4” 1/2” 1” 2” format formatsCassette DAT ADAT DA88 DA-88 DA38 DA98 Reel Reels Tape Tapes Analog Dub Dubbing Transfer Digital Digitize Copy Archive Archival Restore Bake Baking Baked Studio Cups and String Computer Master Repair Splice Spliced Splices  Tape transfer analog tape transfer analog to digital SONY AMPEX AKAI FOSTEX TASCAM 3M AKAI STUDER SCULLY OTARI PANASONIC TECHNICS SYNCASET PORTA ONE APR24 MX70 NAKAMICHI MITSUBISHI X80 E-16 MG14D MG1214 ATR 104 ATR 800 ATR 600 JH100C 5050 3340 2340 Model 20 3700 SV DA10  D-5  PCM2600  Minidisc F1

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