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Most of us have old audio tapes – your band from the 60s/70s/80s/90s, family recordings on old cassettes, DAT mixes from the past. Song recorded on ADAT that you wish you had spent more than 3 hours mixing. Even 4-track cassette demos you have not heard in decades.



Many places do tape/media transfers, but many are just too expensive. They have amazing clean-rooms, and will do de-noising, mastering etc. They include multiple hi-res scans of each edge of the box and pages and notes inside. They provide sorted, timed and labeled files of each track and take - everything for a museum-level archival world.

But this costs you a lot.


We like to offer the alternative: reasonably-priced sensible transfers. We do have good professional equipment: With great gear and good ears, this setup can do a solid, high-quality transfer for you. We don't claim to be The Ultimate; we just claim to be good at this.